Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I want to scream !

I really do. I have a wedding this Friday in Alexandria. So two weeks ago I set out on a mission to find a dress. After going store after store and trying on dress after the other I had given up. There was no time to do something from scratch. One of the stores offers to redo a model in my size.

I was skeptic but given time limitations I said what the hell. I went in for a rehearsel a week later and the dress was tight so we agreed they'd adjust sizes before beading. Then I went to pick it up yesterday.. it was loose where it was tight and tight were it was loose. They completely messed up a perfectly simple model.

Now there is no time to fix it, dress is already beaded so size adjustments are not preferred. I hate them. They did a shoddy job of it and it looks nothing like the original. Now I'm still stuck with nothing to wear. Aaaaaaaarrrrrggggggggh.

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