Thursday, December 28, 2006

2007 Wishes

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My wishes for you for the new year:

May 2007 be the year by which you take the world by storm,

May you excel in your studies and/or careers,

May you have fun and enjoy every minute of every hour of your day,

May god grant you peace of body, mind and soul.

May you accomplish every single resolution you write.

May you explore new horizons and enter new domains.

May you stretch your comfort zone and free yourself of fears.

May you discover talents and aspects of yourself you didn’t know.

May you find your significant others or may they find you.

Wishing you all happiness and health and success.

Ok, people don’t party too hard on New Year and most importantly I want to hear all about you people, so your resolution for the new year is as follows (repeat after me):

“I vow to keep in touch with the friends I have made over the ages and who’s freindship has enriched my life.”


The disroiented mind

Monday, December 18, 2006

Time Magazine Person of the Year

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The Time Magazine person of the year is.....


MOI, yup yours truely. Their site says so, if you don't believe me check it.

Hmm, actually come to think of it, so are all of you :)


Thursday, December 14, 2006

You win some.. you lose some.

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So we lost. It truely was a heartwrenching sensation. For little short of 90 minutes we were the better team.. and the other team was BRAZILIAN. That in itself is an accomplishment.

The boys played their hearts out and made us proud. I'm standing tall, I'm a fan of a great club who can stand their ground.

Fatal error in the first half gives them a 1-0 lead. We practically handed that 17 year old the ball. Did you notice him in the second half, the whole bit about bouncing the ball as he ran down the sideline. Amazing skill!! Boy wants a contract to play in Europe, somebody sign him.

After their goal we kinda went crazy, we had nothing to loose and tried hard. I could swear that the post moved to block Treika's shot. I couldn't believe when the goaly reached ElNahass's rocket.

Then .... in the second half.. Flavio SCOOOOORES. We jump to our feet, it felt like being in the stadium. Fans went wild. We were back in the game. I honestly believed we could win it. Alas, the winds don't always blow in directions favourable to the sailor's ships (arab poetry translated).

We fought well, and live to fight another day.


Ahly Again and Again

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In case you all missed our first match here are the goals.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I want to scream !

I really do. I have a wedding this Friday in Alexandria. So two weeks ago I set out on a mission to find a dress. After going store after store and trying on dress after the other I had given up. There was no time to do something from scratch. One of the stores offers to redo a model in my size.

I was skeptic but given time limitations I said what the hell. I went in for a rehearsel a week later and the dress was tight so we agreed they'd adjust sizes before beading. Then I went to pick it up yesterday.. it was loose where it was tight and tight were it was loose. They completely messed up a perfectly simple model.

Now there is no time to fix it, dress is already beaded so size adjustments are not preferred. I hate them. They did a shoddy job of it and it looks nothing like the original. Now I'm still stuck with nothing to wear. Aaaaaaaarrrrrggggggggh.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Succeed.. or DIE TRYING

Some of my friends found this clip depressive. They viewed it as suicide and hence found it sad. I beg to differ. To me this clip is quite inspirational, a testimony to the power of the dream. Dream big, work on making those dreams come true, succeed or die trying. This little bird sure did. The tears in the eyes.. that is finding Nirvana.

Tell me what you thought.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Soccer mania

Italian star Fabio Cannavaro has been unveiled as the winner of the annual prize to the best player in the world given by the magazine "France Football".

The Italian defender was also named the World Cup's best player after guiding his team to lifting the most precious trophy some months ago in Gremany.